Student Assistance Program



Student Assistance Program (BEE AWARE) is a program in the high school designed to identify and assist students who may have issues that pose as barriers to learning and school success (e.g. drugs, alcohol, emotional). The SAP faculty members are professionally trained to use a systematic process to identify problems and recommend resources to help students.

Our Student Assistance Program is a voluntary and supportive program for students and their parents. Referrals should be made to the guidance counselor, administration, or faculty who will assist the student through this difficult situation. SAP is an intervention, not a treatment program that requires parent permission for participation.




The Student Assistance Program consists of a group of concerned staff members who have received training in helping students with these problems.  The team includes the following:


Molly O’Neil-                     Assistant Principal

Christian Giannone-        School Psychologist

Loraine Dodson-             7-12 Guidance Counselor

Judy Virgin-                      School Nurse

Janine McClelland-         Special Education Teacher

Dan Endler-                      Social Studies Teacher

Lauren Bell-                      Science Teacher

Janice Koontz-                  Science Teacher

Kim Reighard-                  Phys. Ed./ Health Teacher

Ray Peterman-                 County Liaison

Monica MacIntyre-          School Social Worker


SAP Resources: